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Physiotherapy following a Stroke

What is a stroke and how can physiotherapy help?

What is a stroke?

A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is cut off, usually caused by a blood clot.

Stroke is more common in men and in people over 55, although it can occur at any age. Lifestyle factors such as diet, drinking alcohol, smoking and lack of exercise, can increase the risk of stroke.

A stroke happens in the UK every 5 minutes! Remember if you suspect someone is having a stroke call 999 as it is a medical emergency. Using the FAST test can help detect a stroke - look out for:

Face dropping

Arm weakness

Speech difficulties

Time to call emergency services

How does stroke affect movement?

You may experience weakness, or even complete paralysis (called hemiplegia) in the muscles of one side of your body. This weakness may make your limbs feel heavy and you may experience numbness, pins and needles or hot and cold sensations.

You may have problems with your posture and balance, making it difficult to stay upright and you may be at more risk of falls.

Your joints on your affected side may be subject to injury as weak muscles surrounding the joint means it is difficult for them to maintain stability (particularly around the shoulder), and they may become stiff due to lack of movement.

How can physiotherapy help?

You will receive physiotherapy in hospital and following discharge, but you may wish to supplement any NHS physiotherapy with extra sessions from a private physiotherapist once you are home.

The focus of physiotherapy will be to help you learn to use your arms and legs again and regain as much strength and movement as possible. Depending on your needs a physiotherapy can:

· Advice you, family and carers on how you should be positioned when lying or sitting.

· Work with you to strengthen your limbs and maintain your range of movement

· Help you relearn normal patterns of movement e.g. sit to stand

· Teach you how to be as independent as possible

Kalm can provide this exact service in your own home (including care homes) and covers residents in Mudeford, Christchurch and surrounding areas. Simply contact us via email – or call Kayleigh Pursey on 07855084925 and we can discuss if physiotherapy is suitable for you.


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